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    On an episode of T.I and Tiny, “The Family Hustle” the couple sits at a talking about their cheating scandal.

    As we know rapper T.I lost his faithfulness to Tiny when he decided to become intimate with an assistant that Tiny hired. The woman by the name Bernice Burgos.

    Tiny also had her moment of mischief with boxer Floyd Mayweather, who by the way is not a fan of rapper T.I. However, she stated it was not during their relationship. In the candid video below Tiny states ” I have not cheated on you ever”.

    Most recently, Tiny stopped by Chicago’s radion station WGCI and spilled the tea on why she decided to work things out. Tiny said, in this Industry I haven’t met a man that was straight. When asked about why she didn’t listen to other women who said to leave T.I. ” Most of those women are in cheating relationships. Their men are cheating on them everyday. I talked to a lot of older people. I am ok. It’s not like I am ok with him cheating. I know in this Industry it is going to be tough to keep it ll the way together. If it is workable and there is still some love there, and we still feel like this is something we want to do then this is what we should do”.

    “Does he get a pass because of the Industry?”, asked Kendra G. “No he doesn’t get a pass, you can’t get passes”, says Tiny. Check out the interview below and share your thoughts.

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