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    Top Celebrity Halloween Costumes Under 100 Dollars Hack

    The top celebrity Halloween costumes are here and you can get them for under 100 bucks for next year.

    I went online to a few costume stores pre Halloween 2021 and noticed that most costumes  were at least $150.00 for adults, but is it always worth spending that much for one day?

    Scrolling through many celebrity Halloween looks this year I evaluated which ones would give that high profile, sexy look without  breaking over 100 bucks.

    One of my favorites was Chloe Bailey as Betty Boop. This look can be accomplished under 70 bucks. I found a red tube top dress on Fashion Nova and Shein for 10 bucks. The original Betty Boop heart shaped leg garter is white with a red heart and was spotted on ebay for 25 bucks. However, Chloé’s leg garter for the costume was all red with a plush red heart.. If you are crafty you can create her garter look yourself for next year. Many dollar stores will have plush red hearts available for 1 dollar around Valentine’s day. Grab one and purchase a plain red garter from for 98 cents. Remember to go a size or two up as they may run small. Wish also carries red heels for under 15 bucks.

    Top Celebrity Halloween Costumes Fashion Nova dress (1)

    Another iconic Halloween look this year was Rihanna posing as Gunna. The simplest piece was a lace long sleeve shirt that can be found at many Rainbow stores, or online at  Shein for under 10 dollars. The black khaki shorts can be purchased from Kohls or Old Navy for about 17 bucks. Look for some black and white rain boots, otherwise you will spend over 500 on Rick Owens elephant sneaker boots. We found rain boots on Poshmark for 31 dollars. For Gunna’s vest check on Amazon they carry many black leather vests under 20 dollars. Don’t forget the belt, the best way is to find it locally at a Beauty Supply store for under 5 bucks.

    Of course I am not going  to leave my fashion out.

    The new movie Legally Blonde is set to drop next year, which is o one of my favorite movies. Anyone who is familiar with Elle Woods knows how creative and spontaneous she is. Considering times have changed compared to the first drop of the movie in 2001, I incorporated some modern day flare to recreating Elle Woods bunny outfit. Instead of rocking the pink stockings I went for fishnet stockings which is a 2021 trend according to The stockings were 6 bucks at a local store called Forman Mills, but of course  they sell them at Walmart as well. I ordered a pink corset bustier from Amazon for 19.99 and I literally grabbed a single pair of pink underwear for a lucky 1 buck at a local store called Shoppers World. Bunny ears can be purchased from Amazon as well, they were running about 8 bucks but I just thought modern day Elle Woods would be on Snapchat playing  with many bunny looks. I am owning this look as a parody called Legally Ratchet lol. Why, because who doesn’t want to be classy, boujie, and ratchet as Megan Thee Stallion would say.

    Top Celebrity Halloween Costumes pink bustier

    If you have a Halloween hack comment below, or tag us on social media

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