Tracee Ellis Ross Pattern Beauty and Boss Moves In 2020

Tracee Ellis Ross

Tracee Ellis Ross Pattern Beauty and Boss Moves In 2020

Tracee Ellis Ross Pattern Beauty and boss moves help her with a brilliant strategy during the racial and viral pandemic.

Like many she thought about the effect the pandemic could have on her brand. “We thought it could knock out the majority of our business,” said the actress, activist, founder and chief executive officer of Pattern.

Not only was the viral pandemic a concern but the effect of the racial war also weighed in on business strategies.

Tracee Ellis Ross told WWD mag, “We were all in a state of grief and shock.” She paused the brand’s social media out of respect for the moment, “to connect to the community I serve and celebrate—my community—and not be trying to sell something.”

During that time she restructured her system by tightening her budget, and resurfacing the great news of the phase 2 styling product launch until a good time for celebration.

That time wouldn’t be long as Juneteenth was approaching.

“It reinvigorated the mission—that we were a brand centered around Black beauty, that’s a celebration of Blackness, and that we were not only offering product that really supports our hair in its authentic beauty, but an active space where we celebrate Black beauty,” she explained.

“And that’s an aspect of the resistance, and the joy and fullness and wholeness of how we get to face racism.”

WWD reported that the company doubled sales targets in it’s first yeat, while also donating to organizations that empower women and people of color. In the last six months the brand has been tracking 300 percent ahead of financial projections.

Pattern Beauty has been getting awesome reviews and continuous growth.

“The magical shower brush truly cut down on my detangling time which is honestly a miracle, and the conditioner (I used heavy) has a really good slip to it that melts knots and tangles. Also, bless Tracee Ellis Ross for making the conditioner bottle larger than the shampoo and finally bringing balance to my shower,” Erica Smith, Beauty Writer.



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