Traci Rodgers Brains Beauty and Body


Traci Rodgers is a triple threat entrepreneur, proving that Size 12 and Up is Sexy as F.U.K (flawless Ubiqur Kuties) and keeps the guys coming. A group full of honey on Facebook has taken a stand for the curvy girls. Traci Rodgers a mother of two found herself in the perfect position after losing her job.
She told Gyrlversion, one day she kept hearing a voice tell her to start a Facebook Group. Although, Traci thought she was losing her mind she followed that voice and it led her to a dynamic group of over 30,000 members.

The group Size 12 and Up is “Sexy as F.U.K (flawless unique kuties)”, is a Facebook group dedicated to loving the curvy girl and showing how empowering it is to love your body in all shapes and sizes. The group not only focuses on self love, they also help find love.

Every Monday is an opportunity to find the perfect match in the group and on Tuesdays it gets tempting with Tempation Tuesday.

Traci Rodgers started the group in October of this 2017, and it has been growing ever since. Not only does the group focus on finding love, they also focus on defining love. There are plenty of open concept questions posted for discussion on the roles of men and women, what relationships consist of, and friendly do’s and don’t. Traci says she interacts with all of her members and she enjoys it all. She not only has fun in the group but she is also planning on expanding the group to an online platform dating site dedicated to the women who have plenty to offer. To the women with Brains, Beauty, and Body next time your inner voice tells you to do something, like Nike “just do it”. Thanks Traci for listening to your inner voice.


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