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    Travis Barker Shares Kourtney Kardashian Love Note

    Jeff Schear / Getty Images

    Kravis? Tratney? Barkashian?

    Well, we just got another insight into their relationship — courtesy of Travis’s Instagram.

    Jeff Kravitz / Getty Images

    Travis shared a note Kourtney wrote to him, which reads, “To lots of fun adventures, may we destroy each other completely.”

    Also: LOVE (?!), KOURTNEY.

    Travis Barker / Via Instagram: @travisbarker

    Because, yes: Any usage of “Love” in a sign-off will turn me into a pre-teen getting a Christmas card from her crush. What could it mean???

    Kourtney also shared some red roses onto her own Instagram — perhaps from a certain paramour, hmmmm?

    Anyway, happy destroying one another Travourtney!

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