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    Trina Day in Miami Was Full of Love and Memories

    Trina Day in Miami

    Trina Day in Miami honored legendary icon Katrina Taylor. Also known as the Baddest chick. Trina always advocated her city. Not only does she rep her city in lyrics but she gives back.

    Last year Trina and her team hosted a billionaire brunch. The brunch showcased talent from around the area and beyond in hopes of supporting upcoming artists.

    The Diamond Princess also founded the Diamond Doll’s Foundation. The foundation connects with 1500 to 2000 girls 13 and older, covering topics of sex, teen pregnancy, drugs, and alcoholism. The philanthropist speaks on how to structure goals as a young teen to get pass the peer pressures.

    The rapper and entrepreneurs’ commitment to her city started when she was a young girl. Her mother, Vanessa Taylor was a pillar in the community. She owned several salons and connected with many of the young women who would stop by.

    Trina not only lost her mother in the Miami community, but her brother as well.

    In 2013, the brother of the artist, Wilbrent Bain Jr., was gunned down.

    According to reports, he was shot and killed in Northwest Miami-Dade near 91st Street after a dispute with a friend devolved into gunshots.

    Despite the painful memories, Taylor still saw light in her hometown.

    During the event she listened to younger girls spill lyrics. There were also performances, food trucks, giveaways, and other fun activities.

    As the town celebrated Katrina Taylor, they also granted her the key to the streets.

    Miami-Dade Commissioner, Keon Hardemon said, ‘She’s an example to the young women and men. She’s no different from the kids in Liberty City now with a story to tell.”

    In memory of her mother, Mayor Francis Suarez also gifted the entrepreneur a plaque. The Mayor stated, “Because I know how much your momma meant to you, I have a little plaque for you in loving memory of your mother… These are the memories you don’t forget, and you’re never going to forget her and what she meant to you and what you mean to us. So, it wouldn’t be proper to recognize you without recognizing her.”


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