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    Trump says he is the most popular president around the world. Not sure if that popularity impression includes liked Presidents or just in general.
    “Red carpet like I think probably nobody has ever received,” Trump said Monday about the treatment he has received during his five-country tour of Asia.
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    Trump may just be the most popularly hated President. When visiting Manila, his latest trip, there were hundreds of protesters marching towards the U.S Embassy. Protesters burned 13 foot effigy of Trump bent into the shape of swastika.
    Japan and Korea also held protests. So far the only countries where Trump has not had protests are those with authorial governments. So why does Trump still think he is popularly embraced.
    According to European Council Richard Gowen ” Everyone will be nice to the U.S president-but behind the scenes, they will adjust their political calculations to reflect real-world politics. “
    Country leaders have figured out the best way to win over Trump is with charm.

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