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    It started with a claim from a victim during the year 1979. The victim was only 14 years old, Roy Moore at the time 32. The story was published by the Washington post. When news got around Roy Moore quickly denied the allegations.
    According to Roy Moore the claim was part of “The Obama-Clinton machine’s liberal media lapdogs”. In other words fake news to keep him from becoming Republican Senator of Alabama.

    Roy Moore since then has had defense against the allegations from other women, however the victim is still standing to her statements. The public has been outraged that with such controversy. Without resolution Trump has decided to endorse Roy Moore, claiming that he needs to be elected for Alabama.

    Reporters took the streets of Alabama to ask the citizens what they thought about electing Roy Moore.
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    Roy Moore does face some serious competition against Alabama’s hero Doug Jones. Doug Jones prosecuted the Klansmen who bombed the 16th Alabama Baptist church that killed four little girls. Roy Moore on the other hand has been looked at as a racist, and now a pervert according to the Daily News.

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