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    Tubi Partners With ChatGPT for New AI-Powered Film, TV Recommendations – The Music news

    Tubi, Fox Corporation’s ad-supported video-on-demand service, has teamed up with ChatGPT artificial intelligence program to change the way viewers navigate the streaming platform.

    It is also the first time a streaming service has officially partnered with AI technology to elevate its search feature.

    Tubi’s technology, Rabbit AI, which is powered by ChatGPT-4, allows “viewers to go beyond simple keyword searches and ask questions the same way you’d ask a friend.” For example, a user can type “shark movies that are funny” into Rabbit AI and they will receive a list of relevant titles such as “Sharknado” and “Sharkula.”

    Tubi said its home screen will also change over time as the containers will start to include more personalized recommendations, such as “having Hitchcock movies added to your Thriller container after an evening of watching classic films.”

    Blake Bassett, senior director of product at Tubi, said, “One in five streamers binge watch because it’s convenient or easier than searching for another show.”

    He added, “At Tubi we’re uniquely situated to find content for viewers that’s specific to the moment they’re in because of our large library and our personalization and machine learning algorithms. With Rabbit AI we’re making the content discovery experience fun again.”

    According to the streamer, the technology builds upon its “current suite of content discovery tools,” which includes saving content to “My List,” liking or disliking titles or watching shows or movies.

    Tubi said it started rolling out a beta test version of Rabbit AI to its iOS mobile app for users across the United States on Tuesday. The Rabbit AI plugin for ChatGPT is also available on OpenAI for subscribers.

    Earlier this month, the streamer announced that it has reached more than 74 million monthly active users.

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