Tucker Carlson’s Career In Turmoil After FOX News Firing As No Major Networks Will Touch Him


Conservative firebrand Tucker Carlson looked like he didn’t have a care in the world mugging for the cameras after being unceremoniously canned by FOX News but sources have revealed the former ratings titan’s career is likely washed up for good, RadarOnline.com has learned.

Perched in his personal golf cart, Tucker, 53, was caught on camera grinning from ear to ear as he drove his wife, Susan, out of his $5.3 million beach property in Boca Grande, Fla., for a night on the town just two days after getting sacked.

“Retirement is going great so far!” he gleefully shouted to photographers. Although sources said the former $20 million-a-year host of Tucker Carlson Tonight has been in talks with smaller conservative outlets, including NewsNation, Newsmax TV and The Daily Wire, media experts believe he’s too toxic for anyone to touch.

Even before the bombshell, Dominion Voting Systems lawsuit against FOX News revealed that Tucker lied through his teeth about attempts to rig the 2020 presidential election, he was slammed for producing Patriot Purge, an explosive three-part series claiming the Jan. 6. 2021, Capitol Hill coup was a false flag operation orchestrated by liberals rather than an insurrection carried out by enraged Donald Trump loyalists.

In addition, Carlson faces a potentially devastating lawsuit filed by former producer Abby Grossberg, who claimed she was subjected to “bullying, sexism and anti-Semitism” under his watch!

Although Tucker denied Grossberg’s claims, “his reputation is in tatters,” declared a source. “None of the major networks wants anything to do with him.”

Insiders expect the smug blabbermouth will be just one of many talking heads to roll in the wake of FOX News’ calamitous $787 million settlement with Dominion.

Tucker was blindsided by his sudden dismissal, sources claimed. “Tucker was a poster boy for all of FOX’s problems and had to go,” said a source.

Tucker’s departure comes on the heels of popular Saturday night host, Dan Bongino, who said he left due to failed contract talks. FOX’s popular business news anchor Lou Dobbs, a rabid election denier, was let go in 2021 after being part of the Dominion lawsuit.

As RadarOnline.com previously reported, last week, Carlson spoke out for the first time since being canned after Rupert Murdoch made the decision. He trashed the “people in charge” of “American media.”

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