Two Texas Women accused of Raping A 14 Year Old Boy

Two Texas women are now serving time for raping a 14 year old boy. Desiree Cherie Hovatter who is 19 years old, and Savanna Nicole Spurlock who is 22 years old, met the 14 year old boy at a pool party. The pool party was allegedly a mixed crowd of children and adults. Desiree Cherie Hovatter was said to have returned the by to his home after the pool party, and having sex with him in his sisters bed.

Savanna Nicole Spurlock, was accused of having sex with the boy in mid-August. Both women are facing charges on 100,000 dollar bond. The parents of the teen were allegedly out of town for a family emergency when the incident took place in their home.
In a similar situation another 14 year old boy in Tennessee was also raped by a woman. In this case Kelsey McCarter, 29 who was supposed to be supervising a teen boy in her home, states that the boy wanted to have sexual relations with her. The boy sued the McCarter’s and the school board. The 14 year old boy is claiming that the school board was aware of the abuse.

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