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    Tyla Simone AKA Saucy Sauce Boss Is Only 15 Years Old And Already Winning

    Tyla Simone has the sauce. Literally, this 15 year old is saucing up Houston Texas with her own meat sauce. Her sauce has been recognized for its superb taste and quality.

    In 2017 the brand won as ” Best Sauce” for the Sauce A Holic Fest. Tyla Simone won against 15 other brands. The sauce is a all around hit and can be used for all meats including fish and vegetables.

    Tyla Simone moved to Texas with her mother. They were originally from Brooklyn. However, her mother knew that she had someone special.

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    The name of the Sauce comes from their new found home, the Sienna Plantation area of Texas. Tyla Simone grew up with her mom in a working home. However, her mother fell on hard times like most Americans. They ended up homeless, and sleeping on different couches. Tyla’s mother said they even had to share meals sometimes because she didn’t have enough to buy two meals. However, she never allowed Tyla Simone to feel the pressure of being poor. Her mother took matters into her own hands and surrounded her  with strength.

    Tyla Simone Sienna Sauce instagram screenshot

    Tyla says her creation started from her favorite wing place that eventually closed. She fell in love with the flavor of the sauce from that wing place. Due to the fact of the wing place closing down, Tyla Simone was inspired to create a similar sauce, so that she could still enjoy the flavor. Little did she know that she would make a sauce that tasted even better.

    Tyla was struck with entrepreneurship, and encouraged her mother that they should bottle the sauce. They connected with a business adviser from Instagram and became partners. Thus we have the evolution of Sienna Sauce.

    When Tyla is not cooking up the sauce, she is making good grades as an honor student at Ridge Point High School and receiving awards in academic excellence and critical thinking. Outside of the classroom she plays basketball, is a member of student council, serves as a board member of the Black History Club, a member of the American Sign Language club (ASL), and she is a community volunteer.

    This 15 year old turned a taste into passion, now that’s a money move. Get Saucy HERE

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