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    Tyrese Gibson Cries Out to His Fast and Furious Costar and Friend Paul Walker

    In a recent post, Tyrese Gibson cries out to his Fast and Furious costar Paul Walker. Walker sadly passed away due to a car accident in 2013.

    Tyrese and Paul Walker met because of Fast and Furious. In 2003, the two began a bromance. They were both set to play in Fast and Furious, so they began to hang out prior to filming.

    At this time both men were single yet dating. Coincidentally, they found out they were dating the same girl named Cindy. Cindy also played an extra on the set. The bromance formed as a result.

    The almost decade long friendship ended in Paul Walker’s fatal accident in 2013. But like many fans Gibson has not forgotten about his friend.

    The businessman recently chose Walker to open up to first as he grieved about the loss of his mother, marital issues and two more close friends.

    In the new post Tyrese Gibson cries for prayer saying, “Paul I promise you I got you bro. #FASTX I think I need more therapy I’m still not over losing my mom, Paul, John Singleton, and Lashawn Daniels. When people pass on? They just leave us all here to deal with it. That’s really painful stuff pray for me y’all….. lately I’ve e been unraveling, painfully processing this all.”

    He continued to say, “this divorce has to end she has dragged this all out for a year and 8 months. I just want peace and to be left alone. Coming up on 3 weeks since I’ve been able to record my new #BeautifulPain album I have felt PAUSED.”

    The artist also noted that, “God is trying to tell me something so I’ve decided to pause and receive whatever he’s trying to tell me.”

    Gibson rejoices. Yet wishes God would give him more clarity.

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