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    UGA football recruit Sacovie White’s bond with disabled sister

    Cass High School Senior Sacovie White is getting a lot of attention for his football skills, but it’s his commitment to family that makes his mom most proud.

    BARTOW COUNTY, Ga. — A promising young recruit for the University of Georgia football team is making headlines in Bartow County.

    Sacovie White is getting much attention for his dynamic ability on the field and what he could bring to the Dawgs team next season.

    But his impact is arguably even more significant for the team that matters most – his family.

    Sacovie moved in with the Helton Family in 8th grade. Andrea Helton was his teacher in Bartow County and said her family was overjoyed when Sacovie moved in. 

    Through that experience, he got a big sister in the Helton’s oldest daughter, Caroline, who was born with a physical disability and uses a wheelchair. 

    Though she is nonverbal, Andrea said Caroline and Sacovie communicate just fine. 

    “I feel like I am one of the people who sees her, hears her, and listens to her. A lot of people are scared of her, and don’t interact with her because they don’t know what to do,” Sacovie said. 

    From Andrea’s point of view, the siblings bring out the best in each other.

    “I think Sacovie can be exactly who he is with her. He’s not looking to impress her, she’s really not impressed with him,” she said. “He notices her and he doesn’t have to. And she loves him, for no other reason than he is who he is. And I think they both need that from each other.”

    Head football coach Steve Gates agrees. 

    “She does humble him, she really does. We talk, and she will put him in his place,” Gates added, noting Caroline makes Sacovie a better player.

    “Sacovie is in our lives. He’s made me a better person, a better coach, a better dad. So I’ve learned so much from him,” Gates said with a smile from ear to ear.

    He knows the young athlete’s star will continue to rise, saying “I think we’ll see Sacovie White on Sundays in about four years.”

    But Caroline will always bring him back down to earth back home.

    “I feel like she can feel what I do. And how she feels about me and how I feel about her,” said Sacovie. 


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