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    UNICEF Solicits donations for Haiti Families after deadly earthquake


    UNICEF has appealed for donations for families in Haiti following the country’s recent devastating earthquake.

    In a post sighted by African Entertainment on its official Facebook page, UNICEF said “Families continue to face desperate conditions two weeks after an earthquake rocked south-west Haiti.”

    The United Nations’ body stated that “The disaster coincides with political instability, high levels of child malnutrition and the COVID-19 pandemic.”

    “Help UNICEF deliver life-saving supplies by donating today,” it added.


    As earlier reported by African Entertainment, the death toll from Haiti’s earthquake in August 2021, was around to 2,189.

    Over 12,000 people were reportedly injured as a result of the earthquake.

    There has been pressure for a coordinated response to Haiti’s earthquake.

    The pressure mounted as more bodies were pulled from the rubble and the injured continued to arrive from remote areas in search of medical care.

    Hundreds of people have been left homeless, according to local media reports.

    Haiti Prime Minister, Ariel Henry, had stated that his administration will work to not “repeat history on the mismanagement and coordination of aid.”

    His comment is in reference to the chaos that followed the country’s devastating 2010 earthquake, when the then government was accused of not getting all of the money raised by donors to the people who needed it.

    Tweeting on Wednesday, he said he will “personally” ensure that the aid gets to the victims this time around.

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