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    Unilever Is Officially Getting Rid Of The Word ‘Normal’ As A Part Of A Positive Beauty Campaign

    Unilever Is Officially Getting Rid Of The Word ‘Normal’ As A Part Of A Positive Beauty Campaign

    Earlier this week, Unilever, home to major beauty brands such as Dove, Tresemmé, Shea Moisture, and countless others made the announcement that it will officially eliminate the word ‘normal’ from each and every one of its beauty and personal care brands’ packaging and advertising. The shift is all an extension of Unilever’s latest Positive Beauty rollout.

    “It’s clear that people are increasingly aware that harmful norms can shape the way we think and feel, and that they are demanding a broader definition of beauty,” Sunny Jain, President Beauty & Personal Care says. “With one billion people using our beauty and personal care products every day, and even more seeing our advertising, we know we have the power to make a real difference and that by doing so, we will become a stronger, more successful business.”

    However, the expectations for what will follow are remaining realistic. “Of course, we know that removing ‘normal’ alone will not fix the problem, but we believe it is an important step towards a more inclusive definition of beauty. It is one of a number of actions we are taking as part of our Positive Beauty vision, which aims not only to do less harm, but to do more good for both people and the planet.”

    Positive Beauty’s aim is to create a world of equitable, inclusive and sustainable beauty and personal care. And that’s why, in addition to removing the word ‘normal,’ Unilever will also not digitally alter a person’s body shape, size, proportion or skin color in its advertising, and will “increase the number of advertisements portraying people from diverse groups who are under-represented.” 

    Read more about the brand’s commitment and the campaign here.


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