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    Usher Creates Opportunities For Performers Of Color With ‘USHH Backstory Pass’ Experience

    Usher’s Las Vegas residency just got a lot hotter with the launch of a new VIP Immersive experience at Caesar’s Palace. The “Ushh Backstory Pass” offering builds on the singer’s longstanding partnership with Rémy Martin and offers guests a deeper look into Usher’s personal and music history while celebrating the timelessness of the cognac brand.

    “The immersive experience is really a look into my mind Usher,” tells ESSENCE exclusively. “It’s a source into the backstory that is my creativity, the things that have not only inspired but also created me.”

    Upon arrival, guests are greeted with the classic Sidecar cocktail and encouraged to explore various rooms that offer a glimpse into Usher’s mind, from a Speakeasy where performers put a spin on the Confessions artist’s biggest hits to an ’80s breakdancing scene and even a strip club marking the Atlanta culture in which Usher was raised.

    “It’s really a choose your own adventure where there are many different rooms and many different actors playing a part,” says Tina Reejsinghani, Rémy Martin’s VP of Marketing, US. “So many of these rooms had a significant impact on his life, whether it’s a wardrobe styling room because we know style is incredibly important to him. Or a riff off of a club in LA that was significant in his experience in him growing up. There is a room dedicated to a mother figure, which is obviously around his relationship with his mom. But then there’s also this speakeasy from the film, which talks to what we created with him, this Team Up For Excellence film, and how cognac and music came together from the twenties to now.”

    While Usher’s life is the focus of ‘Backstory Pass,’ it’s not a wholly self-serving endeavor. Putting the experience together with Rémy Martin created jobs for performers of color in Las Vegas who may not have gotten such opportunities otherwise, Usher explains.

    “The majority of our staff, being a minority staff, they weren’t necessarily a part of a guild here in Las Vegas so that was another addition to the fact that we were putting together something that had never been done here, which was an immersive theater experience. Working with actors who may not have necessarily been a part of the union, that, to me, was great that there’s a purpose on top of what we’re doing. In addition to me telling my story, we’re literally using talent that should be recognized and seen officially in Las Vegas.”

    Ushh Backstory Pass tickets for this exclusive experience are currently available for purchase. Check out photos below and for more information, visit


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