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    Victoria Justice And Matthew Daddario Profile

    Matthew Daddario: OK, so there are the scenes that you like filming and the scenes that just turn out well — like, there was a scene we filmed in Central Park that [looked great], but it was freezing that day. [Writer’s note: Victoria Justice made a joke about that scene being a “walk in the park,” and it was too punny not to share.] You know what scene I liked? The scene we filmed in the lobby when I’m sitting on the couch and Naomi (played by Victoria) comes in drunk, and it was so funny. There’s this humor that bounces back and forth, but it’s also a pivotal moment in the movie.

    Victoria Justice: You’re totally jogging my memory — I loved filming that scene too, especially because we got to improvise a little bit, which was fun and ~loosey-goosey~. Also, the scene when we’re in the janitor’s closet and you’re singing your song: “Naomi is so fine / Just like summer wine, Naooomiii.” That was so cute.

    NOW — what was your favorite scene to film together on the set of Trust?

    MD: My favorite scene was the one when we’re all at the gallery opening and Amy (played by Katherine McNamara) shows up and we’re all standing in a circle and Vic’s character is like, “Do you know her?” and my character is all like, “No, no, I don’t.” [Writer’s note: Be sure to watch Trust to find out if his character DID actually know her or not.] That was a good, farcical scene.

    VJ: I’m going to have to agree; that was my favorite scene too. OH! I also liked filming the scene in the Indian restaurant — it’s so small and cramped, but so beautiful with all the lights; it looked so good on camera. [Writer’s note: For New York City folks, the restaurant they filmed at was Panna II in the East Village.]

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