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    The VMA’S 2018 had you wondering, who is “she” talking about? There were a lot of “she’s” and subliminal disses. Cardi B kicked it off by faking out the crowd as viewers hoped to see Kulture wrapped in a blanket.

    Next up Nicki Minaj throws in the next “f up” of the day award featured on Queen Radio. Nicki will have plenty of room to throw extra shade airing her own show.

    How about when your stylist ain’t taking no disses. Tokyo Stylez also clapped back at an Instagrammer for dissing Tokyo’s work.

    Cardi couldn’t get enough of throwing the messages during her acceptance speach from winning “Best New Artist”. Cardi made it clear to her nay sayers that she wasn’t ruining her career by having her baby, saying “I carried the baby,I had the baby, and now I’m winning an award”. JLO smiled in agreement.

    Nicki and Ariana kept the who is she talking about, question lingering by whispering in each others ears during the show. Their facial expressions had us wishing there was a hidden mic somewhere for ease dropping.

    Kylie and Travis Scott were rumored to already have beef with the show in regards to see seating behind Nicki, but Kylie also seemed to be avoiding eye contact with certain people.

    Cardi announced again that she is the Empress of New York, considering her previous argument with Funk Flex on being King of New York. On that note she ended with Jlo and DJ Khaled that “Bronx B!+@#$s are the best”. Was that shade against Queens (Nicki)? We don’t know but somewhere out that we are sure someone is ready to argue.

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