Wendy Osefo Explains Terrorist Versus Lone Wolf


Wendy Osefo explains terrorist versus lone wolf in political society. She defines it as the color of one’s skin. With all the extreme attacks happening in the news over the years, Wendy demonstrates with recent incidents involving the London subway bombing injuring 30 people compared to the South Carolina killer “lone Wolf” Dylann Roof killing 9 people.
Osefo stated studies showing from 1982 to 2012 with 66 cases of mass shootings with more than 50 percent of the killers being white men. Let’s take more examples, looking at the Uhaul attack in New your “terrorist” Sayfullo Saipov compared to the Texas church massacre Devin Patrick Kelley. Devin Patrick Kelley was said to be a case of mental disability not a terrorist, however resulted into 29 people dead from a sought out agenda. While Sayfullo Saipov resulting in 8 dead with a sought out agenda was considered a terrorist.
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According to Wendy America has consoled the idea that if a white men shoots up a group of Americans he is not a terrorist because he this is his land. However, does a terrorist have to be defined by land. If in fact this is the case we can look even deeper into race card. If a black man shoots one person he is a murder, not mentally challenges or ” lone wolf”. The first thing that comes to mind is gang rivals or “violent”.
Wendy opposes a question when is enough more than enough? “Call it for what it is” she says. “That is not a lone wolf mentality that is a pack of wolves, and they are hunting down their fellow citizens like prey”. Will America face the terrorist in their own land like they do overseas?


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