Wendy Williams Doesn’t Like Taylor Swift Find Out Why Plus 10 Ways To Rock Denim In 2019

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Wendy Williams says she doesn’t like Taylor Swift, and denim is the reason. Taylor Swift joined her friend GiGi Hadid for her 24th birthday party. The party was a denim themed party in which Taylor Swift half ass participated in. According to Wendy Williams GiGi should have thrown Taylor Swift out of the party.

Wendy says ” I am done with Taylor Swift. I was a Swifty, I was down. I liked the mean girl Taylor, I liked the long legged Taylor, I liked the Flat booty Taylor. I liked Taylor Swift but not anymore. I’m a woman and I can change my mind maybe tomorrow. Here’s why I don’t like her.

Denim instagram screenshot

GiGi had a denim themed birthday party this week. It was at a restaurant. Here is GiGi the birthday girl. Everybody is supposed to wear what? Denim! Friends of the show Ashley Graham showed up in her denim. Even Gigi and Bella’s beautiful mom Yolanda showed up in her denim. Here comes Taylor Swift looking like this…clap if you’re with me.”


Wendy went on to talk about the event claiming Taylor had no excuse. Do you agree with Wendy?

So Here are 12 looks Taylor could of pulled together for her friend GiGi.

Jumpsuit, opposite color denim, two piece denim, romper denim
Denim button up and jeans
fitted Romper Denim with flared sleeves
tied denim button up and denim daisy dukes
stripped denim dress with waist wrap and high heals
White denim jeans or any other color denim jeans with a denim halter or tank
denim jacket with shorts, two piece denim, denim acket and jeans, denim overralls


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