Wendy Williams Ex Husband Was Allegedly Having A Gay Affair

kevin hunter and his mistress screenshot

Wendy William’s ex husband Kevin Hunter was allegedly messing with a mistress and a mister at the same damn time. On April 11th, news broke that his 10 year long mistress gave birth to his side baby in early March. Not only did she deliver his side baby, but after Wendy tried to work things out with Kevin Hunter photos of him and Sharina Hudson vacationing together were still surfacing around social media.

Wendy fans were wondering how much longer would Wendy put up with this triangle. Fans had no idea that Wndy was not dealing with a triangle, Kevin Hunter was playing a full square. Sharina Hudson wasn’t the only person he was sexing.

Aveon Falstar claims to have been in a gay relationship with Kevin Hunter as well. Aveon says that he is a hermaphrodite and spilled the tea on his affair during a sit down with Youtube Vlogger Tasha K.

Celebrities pour out support for Wendy as she is going through her trials and tribulations.

Wendy Williams is recovering from a broken heart while cleansing herself from other addictions. However, she is showing strength as she talked about starting a new life with her and her son. Wendy Williams threw up the deuces on her show towards her past relationship and spit at the idea of Kevin Hunter.

Do you believe Aveon or is this for clout?


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