Thursday, November 30, 2023
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    Wendy Williams fainted during live show Tuesday. Wendy was announcing winners for the Halloween costume contest. Suddenly the audience noticed her taking deep breathes during sentences. Wendy’s eyes rolled to the back of her head. Then she stumbled and fell.

    Wendy was taken to the back and evaluated. Doctors say the cause was overheating and dehydration. Wendy announced to the media that she would was ok.
    Wendy was dressed from head to toe in a statue of liberty costume. The costume made by Caesar Galindo, covered Wendy from head to toe. However, in normal weather it may not effect anyone. The over heating was assisted by the lighting in the studio.
    The Host addressed her hightmare. In an emotional explanation, Wendy says “It was scary, all I could think of was don’t pull the podium on top of you”.
    Rumors also surfaced the internet. Some speculated a tv stunt or stroke. However, Wendy quickly shut that rumor down.
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