What Happens When You Don’t Wash Your Hair For 5 Months

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Some people won’t agree with this, but one girl took the challenge. What happens when you don’t take down your corn rows or wash your hair for 5 months? Leave it up to fashionista Nissy Tee. Let’s first start off as to why she did this.

Nissy says she got her hair done for her birthday and got a wig, but when it was time for the wig to come out she didn’t feel like washing her hair. Anyone who has natural hair, you understand the tedious routine. So she decided to just switch up wigs without undoing her corn rows.

Her intentions were not to keep her corn rows in for months but time flew by. As we know Nissy gives  us regular beauty routines so this wasn’t normal. However, the results were amazing. Although, she was a little nervous about showing us what the corn rows looked like after 5 months she braved the cameras. Her edges were matted with kinds of gel from being slicked down. Her corn rows were so meshed together you couldn’t even tell where they were originally parted. It looked tragic and time consuming to remove the corn rows.

Once the corn rows were taken down the embarrassment was relinquished with astonishment. Nissy’s hair had grown so much. She was amazed. Never had she left her hair up for months like this, needless o say her patience paid off.

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