WHAT IS A BLONDE MOMENT – Best Blonde Hairstyles


Best Blonde Hairstyle’s

What is a blonde moment you say, we are giving you the answer with the best blonde hairstyles.

Well from the looks of it, a blonde moment is a celebrity must have. Also, the best thing about it is that we can all have it. There are way too many shades of blonde for every complexion. Here are some color affirmations to highlight your summer.

1. Cyn Santa captioned on her Instagram “Boujee, Bad, and Thick” but we saw “Boujee, Blonde, and Thick” with her ombre blonde waves.

2. Gabrielle Union may be rocking a bomb ponytail or bun lately, but the it girl also knows how to have fun with shades of blonde.

3. Gabrielle’s BFF Chrissy Teigen also plays along in the field with her blonde bangs.

4. Nene Leakes is the real housewife of blonde, she makes it look easy.

5. Christina Milian dips it low and dips it into the color blonde with her b1/27.

6. Sevyn streeter does it several shades with her red and blonde glow.

7. Rita Ora gives the girl next door high top ponytail some fun in blonde.

8. Khloe money is sporting rich blonde waves.

9. Kris and Kim twinning with the blonde and the blonder look.

10. Keyshia Kaoir kool and classy blonde .. our favorite color on her.

11. Monica Brown is Monica Blonde in lady in red.

12. Mary J is all around blonde with her banging bob.

13. Khelani is the kurly blonde bob is edgy and fun.

14. Blac Chyna is blonde Chyna, and she is a pro at sporting different shades of blonde.

15. Amara la Negra is Amara la Rubia …it sounds hot either way.

16. Dreezy is dripping blonde, this was from her Instagram, she chose blonde because she wanted to have more fun on her birthday!

17. Ashanti wraps her blonde in the arms of our President Barack Obama.

18. Like Mother like daughter, Tboz and her baby girl Chase.

19. Alexis Sky is close to Heaven in her ice blonde waves.

20. Amerie captioned Namaste, she chilling and zen in blonde.

21. Eve is rocking an anyday, all day blonde.

22. Beyoncé is putting love on top, and blonde on top of the love.

23. Mariah Carey is blonde goals, the diva rocks every shade.

24. Nicki Minaj, blonde is a Barbie Tingz.

25. This girl is life …blonde goals… blonde dream…blonde life.




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