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    Who is Coodie and Chike The Men Behind Netflix Jeen-Yuhs

    If you are seeing the post about Netflix paying 30 million to Coodie and Chike for the Jeen- Yuhs film, then you may be wondering who is Coodie and Chike, and why are they getting paid so much.

    Coodie and Kanye West met back in 2002. This is when Kanye was making a name for himself. Coodie is a filmmaker, so at the beginning of Kanye’s rise to fame, he decided to document West’s journey.

    During this time Coodie also met Chike. Kanye West was first appearing on an MTV show called You Heard It First, which Chike was producing at the time.

    Both men collaborated to direct Kanye’s hit song “Jesus Walk” in which at the 47th Grammy Awards, “Jesus Walks” was awarded the Grammy Award for Best Rap Song and received a nomination for Song of the Year.

    They also directed “Two Words” from West’s debut album “The College Dropout.”

    The two directors spoke to Newsweek about making the documentary, and the reasoning behind why now the right time is to release the trilogy.

    Simmons told Newsweek: “They say everything happens in God’s time. We were going to do the documentary in 2006, but Kanye wasn’t ready for the world to see that side of him because he was a performer and he wanted to have that light.”

    “Then we were going to do it in 2014, but they had another agenda for Kanye, so that didn’t happen then. Then this time I said, ‘It’s time for this to happen’—and everything started lining up.”

    Coodie and Chike also directed the video for his debut single “Through The Wire”.

    So why did they get paid so much?

    Depending on experience, most film directors earn between $250,000 to $2 million per project, reports NFI.

    Both men are well established. Chike is currently worth $500,000, while Coodie has an estimated net worth of $1.5 million. Coodie has over 20 credits to his name, while Chike is also known for his filmmaking work. Their boss for the film Kanye West is worth a whopping $1.8billion.

    Reports say the duo’s fortune is likely to be on the increase following the Netflix doc’s popularity.

    Before jeen-yuhs came out, they were acknowledged at the NAACP Awards 2020.

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