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    Why Andy Stone Has to Fight Three Artists to Win Mariah Carey Lawsuit

    If Andy Stone thinks he will win the Mariah Carey lawsuit, he is crazy. We are presuming he filed the 20-million-dollar lawsuit for clout.

    Since the lyrics to Mariah Carey’s “All I Want for Christmas” extremely differs from Stones, the copyright infringement lawsuit would be based on song title only. However, Andy Stones infringement claim may result in pure targeting, harassment, or defamation if Carey wants to counter suit.

    Artists Andy Stone Would Need To Include in Mariah Carey Lawsuit

    Here’s why. Three more artist created songs with the same name. Therefore, why only suit the queen of Christmas.

    In 2018, Rapper Lil Jon dropped a Christmas Carol titled Kool Aid Man– All I Really Want for Christmas. Although, the title places few words around directly calling it “All I Want for Christmas”, the theory of copyright infringement means one’s ideas were replicated based on purpose and/or theory, undermining or limiting creativity. In this instance the titles are too close. Also, the subjects and its reference, “all I” and “Christmas” are too close not to be included.

    Another artist, Stone missed out on for infringement rights include Gucci Mane. Gucci directly titled his 2021 Christmas song, “All I Want For Christmas”. The sing appears on Radric Delantic Davis’s album “Icy Christmas”. Davis whose stage name is Gucci Mane, never gave title credit to Stone or Mariah Carey. But why should he? The lyrics to his song completely differ from both artists.

    Oh let us not forget Travis Tritt, who dropped the song, “All I want for Christmas is You Dear” in 1992.

    Stine claims in the Mariah Carey lawsuit, that Carey stole the song five years after he created it. Therefore, the song would have been created during 1989, since “Music Box” artist allegedly stole the idea five years later. So why not suit Tritt first?

    At the end of the day, Stone also known as Vince Vance’s lawsuit deems as a failure. Not offering legal advice but Vince Vance would have been better off just asking Mariah for five dollars advance directly instead.

    Why he so obsessed with her?

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