Widow of Niger Soldier Speaks Out


Myeshia Johnson: Widow Of Niger Soldier Speaks out About Her Husband

Myeshia Johnson still has questions.
Widow of Niger soldier speaks out about her conversation with President Trump. A nightmare begins when four soldiers were sent to Niger on a mission. A routine reconnaissance mission. The mission had a convoy of 6 to 8 vehicles traveling to a local village.
Troops plans changed soon after. Troops were on a mission to capture one of the top Isis targets. After being awake for more than 24 hours the group stopped in a remote village. A surviving trooper says as they were leaving the town 50 terrorist show upon them. Troops were swarmed with grenades and gunfire. More than an hour had passed before contact for help was made. Troops says Sgt. Johnson fought with everything he had.
Throughout the night 2 wounded US troops were evacuated.  Sgt. La David Johnson body was still missing.  Sgt. Johnson’s body was recovered two days later. Myeshia Johnson tells Good Morning America that she still has no idea how her husband died. The question remains as to why the special operations soldiers were sent on a new mission without back up.
Myeshia Johnson tells Good Morning America.  President Trump called Myeshia in regards to her husbands death. As a result Mrs. Johnson started to feel even worse.  Trumps words of condolences were that ” he knew what he signed up for”.  Myeshia said nothing but cried even harder. Trump later tweeted about his experience. Trump quotes ” I had a very respectful conversation with the widow..”.
Rep. Frederica Wilson, Democratic congress woman of Florida states she was not listening in on President Trumps call. However, the call between Trump and Myeshia was taken in on a speaker phone. Congress woman Rep. Frederica Wilson witnessed the verbal nightmare as it unfolded.
Rep. Wilson says she was livid to the response Trump gave. Trump later tried to deny his words. The lie did not last long. Trump could not even remember her husbands name. Myeshia says she heard him stumbling over papers to find the name. President Trump claims in his tweet that there was no hesitation. Rep. Wilson was in the car with Myeshia and her family as President Trump spoke.
Myeshia says she wants people to know how great of a soldier her husband was. He was also a great father and husband. Myeshia is currently expecting another baby. The couple will be having little girl due January 29th, 2018. Mrs. Johnson wants her little girl to know how much of a hero her father was. Sgt. La Davis Johnson and Wife Myeshia Johnson knew each other since they were six.
Myeshia still has questions. Sgt. La Davis Johnson’s wife however says she has nothing to say to President Trump. Myeshia has asked to see her husband. Each time she  has been denied. Mrs. Johnson  was told her husband was in a civil. She has not seen a finger or anything to identify him. Myeshia does not know how he died. Sgt La Davis Johnson’s wife still has not been able to identify her husband.
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