Will Smith Announces Bad Boy 3 Filming Details With Martin Lawrence


The highly anticipated Bad Boy 3 movie is on it’s way for fans. Will Smith and Martin Lawrence are reuniting for the big screen. The last Bad Boy sequel hit the big screen in 2003, which was Bad Boy 2. The film featured Gabrielle Union who played as Martin Lawrence sister and Will Smiths girlfriend. The original Bad Boys appeared on screen in 1995. The shero of the first sequel was Lisa Boyle “The girl who doesn’t eat flesh”. So what can we expect from Bad Boy 3?

Will Smith’s previous videos talked about, the shot that made him a star. It was the moment he ran and jumped to saved Martin Lawrence from being hit by a car. The expression on Will Smith’s face let’s us know Bad Boy 3 will be action packed. Secondly, there has always been a shero in the movie with them. Who will their leading lady be? WE don’t know yet. However, on Sunday Will Smith announced that they will start filming Monday.

Will Smith also noted that he and Martin Lawrence had been watching replays of Bad Boy, and Bad Boy 2 together. Certainly, we can guess this was in preparation of Bad Boy 3 being just as exciting, if not more.

Bad Boy 3 is projected to drop in 2020. Hopefully, Will Smith and Martin Lawrence will keep us in tune with some behind the scene footage of The Bad Boy 3 reunion.




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