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    Woman Rapping Lil Baby AKA Brooklyn Staggss Responds to N Word Tweet

    Just when social media was going ham over the girl rapping Lil Baby lyrics, Brooklyn Staggss was also caught using less than pleasing words.

    A screenshot from Brooklyn’s 2018 twitter post spiraled. In the post she talks about a scar above her eye.

    She said, for those who didn’t know what my scar is above my eye, a few years ago I was driving down the road. I saw this bobcat on the side. So, I stopped got out the car and poked that N*.

    Sources discovered the Twitter post after rapper Drake sought to discover who she was.

    The rapper Drake followed the Lil Baby fans account.

    Apparently, she is also a fan of both Drake and King Von.

    Brooklyn Staggss shared another video on her page that shows her spitting the Von’s lyrics to “Took Her to the O.” She was wearing the same dress she wore in the Lil Baby video. So, this may have been at the same party.

    Under the King Von video she posted “Hire me to be your bridesmaid and I’ll make it fun.”

    Based on her videos she currently works for Walmart. In another video she stated she made jewelry as well.

    As much as people are feeling her turn up, they are also debating on rather she gets a pass.

    One person said, Not gone say she racist but that ish can’t fly!! Somebody definitely gotta check with her about that.

    Another socialite posted saying, Y’all keep trying invite these type of people to cook outs if you want. These type of people are black until it’s time to be black. Probably doesn’t have not one black friend either. Ijs that’s real talk.

    The viral woman rapping Lil Baby also spoke out on the tweet.

    “I cannot be racist this is my phone lock screen I’ve been having up for the past year or so”

    She continued saying, I am not black but hear you I am not black but I see you I am not black but I hear you I am not black but I stand with you.

    Does she get a pass?

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