Woman Suing Rudy Giuliani Accusing Him Of Demanding Sexual Favors Struggling To Find A Lawyer


The ex-employee of Rudy Giuliani who accused the ex-New York mayor of being a “sexist sexual predator and abuser” said she is struggling to find a lawyer to help her take on Donald Trump’s BFF, RadarOnline.com has learned.

Back in January, the accuser, Noella Dunphy, initially filed a $3.1 million lawsuit in New York. In the complaint, Dunphy, who works as a writer and consultant, said she began working for Giuliani in 2019.

In her complaint, filed without a lawyer, Dunphy said the two entered into a consensual romantic relationship.

She said the two bonded and Giuliani even agreed to help her with a legal case involving someone who had abused her. However, she said instead of providing legal information, he tried to make the moves on her.

Dunphy said the former politician’s entire attitude changed when he began drinking heavily.

She wrote, “Rudolph W. Giuliani, the former US Attorney, once hailed as ‘America’s Mayor,’ is a sexist sexual predator and abuser.”

The woman said Giuliani demanded sexual favors from her and often made racist and bigoted remarks in his office. She claimed he threatened her to keep quiet about his behavior and touted his connections to Trump.

“At these times, Giuliani threatened [Dunphy] with further retaliation if she did not stay silent, stating that his private investigators and political connections to President Trump enabled him to retaliate in other ways, express and implied,” she claimed in the lawsuit.

“Despite attempting to cultivate a public image of himself as ‘America’s Mayor,’ Giuliani frequently made racist, bigoted, anti-Semitic, anti-LGBTQ, and misogynistic remarks, often during confused and hostile alcohol-laced tirades, further reinforcing the toxicity of the workplace operating under his direction, adding to the chronic and pervasive violations of applicable New York State and New York City laws prohibiting discrimination in the workplace,” the suit read.

The suit added, “As a result of Giuliani’s legal malpractice, [Dunphy] was re-victimized, re-victimized, retraumatized, left without legal redress, and substantially worse off than before Giuliani agreed to represent her in hopes of securing justice against an abuse.”

Giuliani denied the accusations. His lawyer Robert Costello said Dunphy was never an employee of Giuliani.

“These are libelous allegations drafted by an individual with no lawyer because no lawyer would associate themselves with this nonsense,” Costello said.

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