Is Wood Harris the next Harvey Weinstein? The New Edition actor Wood Harris allegedly caught with a new edition to his mistress scandal. The actor was allegedly caught up with two mistresses in September 2017. One of them being Stoney Alexander, who blasted Harris on social media, after learning he was married. That wasn’t all the drama Wood Harris would receive from alleged mistresses. The actor was slapped with a claim from mistress #2, Anya Richardson, stating that he had beaten her in a hotel room.

According to a 2018 police report, obtained by TMZ, Anya Richardson claimed Wood Harris struck her multiple times in the stomach, neck and ribs. Richardson also alleged he spat on her face and choked her.

[Richardson also says] Harris invited her to Philly where he was shooting “Creed II.” She tells us they were in his hotel room when the unprovoked attack allegedly went down. She says she went to the hospital the next day and reported the incident to police the day after her hospital visit. We spoke to a rep for the Philadelphia D.A.’s Office who tells us … they could not prove beyond a reasonable doubt a crime had occurred, so they declined to prosecute. -via TMZ
However, the actor was cleared of the charges. Anya Richardson’s attorney Alberto Ebanks released a statement promising that his client, “feels there is little choice but to pursue alternative remedies to help protect other women from the threat of assault.”

After being cleared from his accusations other mistresses including a famous basketball stars mother (undisclosed name) claimed to have been allegedly beaten and taken advantage of by the actor. Two more mistresses are also releasing their stories of being beaten by the actor along with video footage of the arguments and fights. In exclusive footage, one side chick even reveals Wood Harris’s phone number, which matches previous claims. The victim tells Wood’s that he beat her when she denied him of sex. In the argument Wood’s calls her a skinny Bitch, and continues to yell and belittle her, saying she doesn’t care for her son. Sources of the victim says Wood’s promised the victim and her son that he would be in their lives, playing the stepfather role yet abusing the victim. At one point the victim became pregnant and was forced to have an abortion.

Another victim has also come forth stating that Wood’s had a sick and twisted way of showing affection. He would force her to spit in his mouth during sex and he would spit back into her mouth. The same issue showed up on a blog when a commenter states that his girlfriend used to date Wood’s and spit into her mouth during sex as well. The fourth mistress says she was pushed by him but never brutally beaten. However the push was bad enough to endure injury.
The videos released by mistress number 3, Wood’s admits that he slaps her, and tells her she will never find another man. He states in his own words that it was ok to slap her for not wanting to have sex.


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