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    Ying Yang Twins D-Roc Says He’s Changing His Life after Collapsing

    The Ying Yang Twins performed during a headlined Vanilla Ice show in Springfield, Missouri. But according to the Ying Yang Twin Member D-Roc it was hot. The incident happened at The Ozark Empire Fair. The security team was able to rush him offstage so he could get medical attention

    He explained prior to fainting on stage he repeated, that it was hot. Then suddenly he woke up on a golf cart. But the 43-year-old claims he is ok. He stated, “I already know what precautions to take.”

    D-Roc, “I already know what I need to do for myself. I don’t have to do it for no one else. I got to do it for me. Ain’t nobody else living my life but me. So I’m going to do it for myself.”

    He was then asked, “What are you planning on doing?”

    The “Whisper Song” rapper replied, “Do I have to explain it? You, know, my thing is take care of myself. A lot of things. I got to stop what I eat. I can’t say it right off top. It just happened to me. So, I been still running around doing my work. I got home. I got to take care of my kids. It’s a lot I have to do. I had to do my running around too. But, yeah, I do plan on doing some life changes. I can’t jsut tell you right now everything I’m about to do, change about my life”.

    The fair also released a statement. “The Ozark Empire Fair wants to share that D-Roc has made a full recovery from his collapse at the concert last night. He received medical attention back stage and was up and walking around prior to leaving the fairgrounds. Thank you to the fans for their love and support! #yingyangtwins

    D-Roc Ying Yang also stated they are dropping a new album soon.

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