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    Yung Baby Tate Slam Dunks On Body Shamers With Selfie Challenge

    Yung Baby Tate Slam Dunks On Body Shamers With Selfie Challenge

    Grammy-nominated musician Yung Baby Tate brought the house down during her performance at AfroPunk 2021. In fact, her cover of Aaliyah’s “One in a Million” is all over the internet because sis let us know that the mic was on, okay? While her talent should have been the center of attention, social media users began to pick at her body, with one comment in particular prompting Tate to start her own body positivity challenge.

    “I’m all for being natural and loving the skin you are in but that’s not just what a natural body looks like that’s a natural body with no discipline, structure and poor eating habits in their lifestyle…Girls that work out don’t look like this,” wrote entrepreneur Ayesha Howard in the comments of one of Tate’s pictures.

    “And she’s a performer she should want the best for herself all around,” she added. “[I]t’s not just about looks but in her job presentation is everything and she needs to be healthy enough to do it.”

    Read Girls United’s interview with Yung Baby Tate here.

    Afterwards, Yung Baby Tate posted a few more natural selfies and encouraged her followers to do the same. What ensued was a conversation about loving your natural body and not letting anyone get you down about the way you look. Social media users also talked about shifting expectations for women’s bodies, cosmetic surgery and how the internet has played a role in the way women think of themselves.

    Her tweet asking her fanbase to showcase pictures of themselves has over 70,000 likes. Meanwhile, 3,000+ people shared photos and Tate has been sure to recirculate some of them in solidarity.

    “Shoutout to all my natural bellied bodies. I see you, I am you, I love you,” she shared on Instagram.


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