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    Zuchu Shares Growth Tips and Advice To Emerging Artists

    WCB star musician Zuchu has come out and given budding artists advice that will help them build their music career. Zuchu speaking during an interview with Kenyan journalist Parent Willy M Tuva also recounted her musical journey from a young age.


    Zuchu being an artist who went through a whole lot of challenges starting her musical journey and even at the same time almost giving up hope, was in a good position to talk to young artists who probably have no hope of achieving musical success.


    She further advised them to use the little they have in order to build themselves artistically. Zuchu added that it is better for an artist to do what is within his power and not to judge himself by the giants who cannot.

    She stressed that a confident artist should never give up as success will only come even though they will have to grow patient. Zuchu said that every artist should be patient as God is the one who has plans for a successful time.

    “Let me just tell you, God has time. And God has the right time for you and don’t give up. Start with what you have because you don’t know who is watching you. Zuchu said.

    Zuchu also recounted how he was on the WCB label for four years before getting the chance to emerge.

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