21 Black Podcasts We’re Listening To This Fall


21 Black Podcasts We’re Listening To This Fall

Black podcasts offer a place for kindred spirits, idea collectors, and nonsense lovers to come together virtually. 

From movies to murder, if you’re interested in it there’s a podcast about it hosted by your that new best friend you’ve been waiting to appear in your head. Black people are creating audio content that celebrates our genius, gathers our coins, helps build our villages, reviews our contributions, and amplifies our history

Independent and corporate podcasts featuring Black voices telling the stories of our sports champions, single moms, prolific scammers, broadway babies, tinder conquests, and music icons are increasing in numbers.

Today, OWN is launching “The SonRise Project.” Hosted by Emmy Award-winning creative Kelli Richardson Lawson, who founded the organization of the same name, the weekly podcast will serve as a resource for Black parents with children struggling with mental health and addiction issues. The new offering is just one of the many we’re plugging into this season. Check out 20 more Black podcasts that should be on your radar below.


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