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    Kheris Rogers Known As KherisPoppin CEO Of Flexin In My Complexion Is Releasing A New Book

    Kheris Rogers known as KerisPoppin was only 10 years old when she became the CEO of Felixin in My Complexion. It all started when...

    Blac Chyna’s Teeth and Many Celebs Trust Dr Faraz Farahnik Here’s Why

    Dr. Faraz Farahnik is known to keep bright whites, white on hot celebs and influencers like Blac Chyna's teeth, Le Le Pons, Burna Boy...

    Who Owns Social Rebel and How Do You Get The Money … We Have Answers

    Are you wondering who owns social rebel after trying to contact support or seeing so many fraud alerts. Well, we have the details for...

    Michael Jordans Jersey Is Up For Auction and More Than 2 Million

    Michael Jordans jersey could break a record as the most expensive jersey sold if it auctions for 3.7 million. The opening bid is 2.7...

    Instagram Hackers Are Now Imposing As Your Friend See How

    Instagram hackers are getting smarter. Typically, in the past they would pose as advertisers. The tempting messages would include them asking to use an...

    Bhad Bhabie Scholarship Funds Help New Trade School Students

    The Bhad Bhabie scholarship fund is a new scholarship launched by Daneille Bregoli. Bregoli grew popularity with a catch phrase, "catch me outside" or...

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