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    Gyrlversion is a black female-owned news company that was founded in 2015. Our mission is to provide a platform that highlights entertainment, celebrity news, money moves, fashion, and women in comedy. The name "Gyrlversion" stands for "Get Your life," representing our commitment to empowering and informing our audience with engaging and relevant content. The Importance of Black Women-Owned News Companies Black women-owned news companies play a crucial role in the media landscape, bringing a unique perspective and amplifying voices that are often marginalized or underrepresented. Here are three compelling statistics that illustrate why supporting such companies is important: 1. Representation: According to a study conducted by the Women's Media Center, as of 2021, women of color made up only 7.95% of local TV news staff, despite comprising approximately 19% of the U.S. population. Black women-owned news companies help bridge this representation gap, providing a platform for diverse voices and stories. 2. Empowerment and Influence: Research conducted by Nielsen found that black women are trendsetters and influential consumers, driving cultural conversations and shaping mainstream media. By supporting black women-owned news companies like Gyrlversion, you are contributing to a media landscape that reflects and uplifts the experiences and perspectives of black women. 3. Economic Impact: A study conducted by the Association for Women in Communications revealed that women-owned media businesses contribute significantly to the economy, generating revenue and creating job opportunities. By supporting Gyrlversion, you are not only advocating for diversity and inclusion but also contributing to the economic empowerment of black women. Support Gyrlversion Gyrlversion has experienced remarkable growth since its launch in 2015. Our audience has expanded across all social platforms, garnering over 9 million monthly views. This growth is a testament to the positive acknowledgement and accurate information we provide, supported by influential celebrities such as Tina Lawson, Vivica A. Fox, Cardi B, Jeannie Mai, Tami Roman from the Bonnet Chronicles, Janelle Monae, and many more. In 2019, Gyrlversion expanded its services to include streaming platforms, owning the media channels Gyrl TV and Business and Entrepreneur TV. This expansion allows us to deliver even more engaging and diverse content to our audience. We invite you to support Gyrlversion, a black women-owned news company, by engaging with our content, following us on social media, and sharing our stories with your networks. By doing so, you are not only supporting diverse media representation but also contributing to the empowerment and success of black women in the media industry. Contact Information For media inquiries, partnership opportunities, or any further information, please contact: Gyrlversion Media Email: [email protected] Website: Thank you for considering Gyrlversion as a valuable media partner. Together, let's amplify diverse voices and create a more inclusive media landscape.