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    Sherri Shepherd Shares How She Dealt with Heckler after Ariel Elias Heckler

    Sherri Shepherd is in of many supporting Ariel Elias after she was verbally attacked by a Trump supporter.

    The incident in question involved a seemingly drunk woman in the audience asking Elias who she voted for the last election before insisting, “I can tell by your jokes that you voted for Biden.”

    “I can tell by the fact that you’re still talking when nobody wants you to that you voted for Trump,” the 33-year-old comedian responded.

    Just a few seconds later, a beer can sailed across the room and splattered against the wall behind Elias, whose jaw dropped. But without missing a beat she came up with the prefect rejoinder.

    “As soon as I picked up the beer and felt liquid still in it,” Elias told Newsweek on Monday, “I knew to chug it. It felt like the only way to recover. Also, suddenly I really needed a drink, so it really worked out.”

    After her video with viral other comedians’ supporter her.

    “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” is now looking to book the Ariel Elis for an appearance.

    A spokesperson for ABC’s late-night program confirmed that the show is “in touch” with Elias and figuring out a date that would fit their schedules.

    Jim Gaffigan, Patton Oswalt and Whitney Cummings were among the voices sharing online praise for how Elias handled the situation.

    Sherri Shepherd also supported Ariel Elias by sharing her clip on the Sherri show alongside her own personal experience. Additionally, the Sherri show invited Ariel Comedy to the daytime talk show. Ariel will join the team on Monday, October 18th.

    During Sherri’s brush in with a heckler, the 55-year-old mom knelt down in the face of the heckler. She told him to shut the F up. After getting him straight she stood up and said, “Like I said, I’m a good Christian girl”.

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