Advertisement and Promotion

Advertisement and Promotion

Get Your Idea, business, article reblog, or offers seen by thousands online and on social media.

It’s simple to advertise, and you can request it right away. (NO nudity allowed, we are a God Fearing Company)

Best Of All We Let You Know Who Your Audience Is. Check out some of the Celebrities, Influencers, and brands that like Gyrlversion by clicking here

Even on our lowest days our audience range is wide. To get started email us at [email protected].

Include the name of your company, a description of what you are advertising, and any web links available on behalf of your request.

Payments are accepted by Invoice, Cashapp, Facebook Pay, and Paypal. All advertisements will start once Ad is approved and payment is complete. ***Do not send order payment without email confirmation of Ad approval first.***

We guarantee awareness of your advertisement, and provide proof of awareness through social media tagging. We also advertise through TV apps like Roku on two channels, choosing one channel that best fits your brand (Gyrl TV and Business and Entrepreneur TV).

Our social Media platforms reach over 1 million viewers each WEEK and Roku has over 47 million world wide viewers each month.

We back our statistics and provide Refunds only  if your advertisement does not receive audience awareness within your purchased time frame, NO other stipulations apply. (Audience awareness means views or comments)

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