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    Ellen Degeneres Cries During The Ellen Shows Final Episode

    Ellen Degeneres cries during the Ellen Shows final episode. The show ran for 19 seasons. Degeneres announced the final last year saying, “If you’ve been watching...

    Summer Walker’s Tik Tok Video Imitates Steve Harvey and She Nails It

    Summer Walker's Introverted Talent is Wild Summer Walker's Tik Tok video imitates Steve Harvey, and she nails it. She captions the video saying, "the type...

    Loni Love Thanks Jessica Simpson for Giving Her, Her First Break

    Before The Real Daytime comes to its final end Loni Love thanks Jessica Simpson for giving her, her first break. Love spoke out on her...

    Celebrity April Fools with Celebrities Pregnant Pranks, Who’s Lying?

    Celebrity April fools were fool of celebrities' pregnant pranks, can you guess who was telling the truth and who was lying? Tiffany Haddish posted a...

    Kate McKinnon On SNL Takes on Florida’s “Don’t Say Gay” Bill

    Kate McKinnon n SNL Takes on Florida's "Don't Say Gay" Bill. The bill prevents primary school teachers from addressing sexual orientation or gender identity...

    What is Women’s History Month – Why Is Women’s History Month in March

    If you are wondering what Women's history month is and Why is Women's History month in March, you are not alone. I actually didn't...

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