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    Adrienne Bailon Houghton’s First Child With Israel Houghton Is Here

    Adrienne Bailon Houghton announced the news of her first child with husband Israel Houghton during a social media post.

    Previously on The Real Daytime the former “Cheetah Girls” member spoke about trying to time her pregnancy. She said she would plan time off to get pregnant and if it didn’t work, she would say maybe I’ll try next year. She also mentioned she became so stressed out with trying to plan it that she almost gave up.

    The Real Daytime show ended after 8 seasons. Meanwhile Adrienne Bailon Houghton hosted her own real program “All Things Adrienne” on YouTube and Kin.

    The show takes viewers through journeys of her life. Her family often make appearances on the show. Her and husband Israel Houghton recently did an episode speaking on marriage finances. The former 3LW member also share a lot of her life with her nieces as well.

    One of her latest episodes her and husband Israel Houghton updated their viewers on their renovation home in New York. Bailon Houghton spoke about thinking she would have a girl back in the days.

    But on Tuesday she went to social media to share that her and her husband welcomed a baby boy. She said, Ever James ♾
    For this child we have prayed
    Just to hear our baby cry
    Skin to skin and face to face
    Heart to heart and eye to eye…

    Our baby boy is here & we are so in love! If you have followed our love story… you know that our journey to baby has been very challenging – But God is true to His word and His promises. We have quietly prayed while sitting on this most magnificent secret for the last 9 months. He is worth every tear, every disappointment, every delayed prayer, every IVF cycle, every miscarriage. Everything. All we feel is joy and overwhelming love & gratitude. Grateful to God, to our angel surrogate and to all of our friends and family who have stood with us for over 5 years on this journey. He’s here and we have never been happier to lose sleep!

    Israel Houghton shared the same post. Many of their viewers sent congratulations.

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