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    Arrow Bwoy Confirms Friendship With Jalang’o Remains Intact

    Singer Arrow Bwoy says he is not the type to hold grudges.

    For this reason, he decided to forgive Jalang’o for outing Nadia’s pregnancy without their permission way before the Kiss FM presenter apologized to them in public.

    Well, if you remember a few weeks back – Jalang’o unapologetically confirmed that Nadia was indeed pregnant; and to top it off, he even went on to advise her against hiding it…yaani mimba haifichiki.

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    Arrow Bwoy with Nadia Mukami

    Speaking to his cohost Kamene Goro on that fateful morning, Jalang’o for some reason outed the secret saying;

    Nadia pia awache kuvaa ma sweater wacha mimba itoke.

    Adding; You know they visited me at home and see I am telling you. It’s true! I think they want to do a baby bump shoot.

    Arrow bwoy on Jalango’s apology

    Anyway speaking during a recent interview, Arrow Bwoy pointed out that Jalang’o has always been a friend and although he may have crossed the friendship boundary – they still got to work things out.

    alas is a friend, someone who has supported me from day 1. We still talk but he crossed his boundaries at that time.

    On whether Jalang’o later apologized after this incident, Arrow Bwoy said; He apologized and said sorry for what he did. I don’t like keeping grudges nor do I burn bridges.

    Well, at least these two didn’t blow things out of proportion because of a pregnancy reveal.

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