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    Ashanti Douglas Shares Her Sisters Domestic Violence Video As A Reminder Of Domestic Ashanti Douglas Awareness Month

    Ashanti Douglas, the princess of Murder Inc took a moment to speak on Domestic Violence Awareness month. The 41-year-old entrepreneur posted several photos of her sister Kenashia Douglas. In the photo’s the 33-year-old had bruises on her face, arm, and legs. Additionally, Ashanti shared a photo of Kenashia’s face bleeding and a video of the turmoil.

    Kenashia was in a relationship with Slow Buck. Slow Buck is best known for his fashion. Major artists like Snoop Dogg, and Wacka Flocka sported his designs.

    But behind the glitz and glamour Slow Buck allegedly had a temper. Kenashia spoke out during an interview with Ashanti and Angie Martinez saying, he spat on her, strangled her, and even pushed her to the ground. But not only did he use his hands, he even threatened her with a gun.

    Ashanti Douglas celebrated her birthday in October, but she hasn’t let the celebration outweigh the importance of talking about domestic violence.

    In 2020, highlighting the issue was part of her birthday post on social media.

    This year the “Good Good” artist captioned the reminder again with photos and a video of her sister’s abuse.

    She wrote, it is Domestic Violence Awareness month. Words will never be able to express the amount of pain, fury and disgust I feel reliving these moments… but at the same time I am so proud of how strong, courageous, resilient and unbreakable you are. My sister is a warrior! I love you deep and infinitely. Thank you for being so brave and bringing awareness to this evil, vile and sad behavior that so many women face every day. You did it! You won! Some women feel so scared that they have no way out… by sharing your story you bring hope, strength & continue to raise awareness for Domestic Violence. God continues to bless you every day as you grow, prosper… and walk in your purpose…your heart, mind and conscience are clear…you will get back EVERYTHING YOU DESERVE!!! The universe always wins! So continue to hold your head high as the sun. I’m so excited for this next chapter of your life @wifeofcrwation is only the beginning! Im here by your side always and forever with whatever against whoever! Loving you infinitely. @liltuneshi 

    If you or someone you know have experienced Domestic Violence reach out for support. Click Here for a list of Domestic Violence Centers near you.

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