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    Balenciaga Lays Chip Bag Is Not the First Potato Chip Fashion Design Read Why

    Balenciaga lays chip bag may be making headlines but using chip bags for fashion is something that isn’t new to millennials.

    Potato chip bags have been a part of cultural wearable art since the 90’s.

    However, Lays was recently inspired to create Balenciaga chip bags worn during Paris fashion week 2022. Lay’s shared photos from the fashion show during their Twitter post. Models carried the Lay’s bag as a part of their accessories.

    The Balenciaga chip bags came in different flavors, in other words colors.

    Models walked the runway sporting flavors like, Limon, Classic, Salt & Vinegar, and Flamin’ Hot.

    But the comparison to potato chip bags used a wearable art in the 90’s is evident yet, alternative. In the 90’s the cultural accessory was worn as potato chip keychains.

    After smashing a bag of chips, millennials would place the chip bags on a tray and pp them in the oven.

    When the plastic is heated in the oven, the molecules that make up the plastic are energized so they start to vibrate faster, wriggle and writhe. The molecules end up wiggly, making the plastic film thicker and shorter. And thus your chip packet would shrink.

    Once the chip bag shrunk a hole was punctured in the bag with a paper hole puncher. Then paced on a key ring. Not only was the popularity creating accessories of the bags big during the 90’s as keychains but also recently. As the photos of Balenciaga’s potato chip bags were shared over social media the chit chat began.

    One person stated, “I’ve seen bags like those on aliexpres for a few years now. Great inspo, Demna!” commented an Instagram user. “But why?” wrote another. “Can y’all actually fill it to the top with chips? Cause I’m tired. I’ll be your biggest supporter,” said a third. “Well, it looks like something from Moschino,” another comment read.

    While Balenciaga plans to sell their luxury chip bags for $261 during the Summer of 2023, other brands have had theirs placed on the marketplace for a quarter of the price.

    Checkout a few of the Chip purses and Fannie packs below.

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