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    ‘Basketball Wives’ Star Brittish Williams Failed to Check Into Prison on Time, Fights to Reduce 4-Year Sentence

    Basketball Wives star Brittish Williams did not check into prison on the date she was ordered to surrender.

    According to court records obtained by, hours before she was scheduled to turn herself in on January 3, the reality star asked a court to reduce her 4-year prison sentence to 2.6 years.

    As previously reported, a federal judge granted Williams’ request to postpone her initial prison check-in date of December 11.

    Williams was sentenced to 4 years in prison for alleged tax, bank, and insurance fraud. She was ordered to pay $564k in restitution.

    Following her sentencing, Williams accused the judge of hitting her with a harsh sentence due to her being a celebrity. She filed an appeal of the 4-year sentence.

    Williams convinced a judge to push the date back to January 3 so she could spend Christmas with her daughter.

    On January 2, Williams filed a motion to reduce her sentence from 48 months to 32 months. She argued the court failed to properly calculate the sentence.

    Two days later, Williams asked the court to extend her surrender date — after failing to check in on January 3. She said she was due to surrender to Alderson FPC on January 3, 2024, but was “unable to report as ordered.”

    She asked that the court postpone her surrender date until a decision was made on her motion to reduce her sentence. Williams argued it could “eliminate the need” for her to be transported back and forth between the prison in West Virginia and the court in Missouri.

    The governed opposed the motion to reduce Williams’ sentence and argued the 4 years behind bars was appropriate. Prosecutors argued that “even if Williams did qualify for a potential reduction, the Government would oppose relief because she failed to report to the Bureau of Prisons as directed and she already received a more than generous disposition by way of the dismissal of counts carrying six years of consecutive mandatory minimums at the time of the original sentencing.”

    Then, days later, court records stated Williams was arrested on January 12. Details of the arrest are unclear at the time. The Federal Bureau of Prisons does not currently list Williams as an inmate at Alderson.

    On January 16, Williams’ lawyer filed a motion to continue a bond revocation hearing scheduled following the reality star’s arrest.

    A judge has yet to rule on Williams’ motion.

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