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    Bill Cosby’s Rep Says He’s Being ‘Threatened’ by Relatives of Alleged Victims

    Bill Cosby‘s representative, Andrew Wyatt, has allegedly been “threatened” by several family members of the comedian’s accusers, telling that he’s been accosted by relatives who wish to incite violence or deadly harm to him because he’s Cosby’s spokesperson.

    We spoke to Wyatt, who claimed that relatives of Cosby’s alleged victims have screamed at him, accosted him, and made threats against his well-being, citing at least three instances as examples.

    According to him, one of the accuser’s husbands allegedly “threatened” him with a knife during Cosby’s 2018 trial. In that instance, Wyatt said the man brandished the weapon and claimed Andrew had called his wife a profanity in an interview — an accusation that he denies. He told that eight sheriff’s deputies “detained” the male and escorted Wyatt into the courthouse. No police report was filed.

    Wyatt said the same man “made verbal threats” against him several times during Judith Huth’s 2022 trial against Cosby. A more recent incident happened in June 2023, in which Wyatt claimed a relative from a different alleged victim confronted him at an Amtrak station in June 2023.

    Besides being accosted, Wyatt said he’s been heckled by angry family members in court.

    As Wyatt pointed out, over 60 women have accused Cosby of rape, drug-facilitated sexual assault, sexual battery, or other sexual misconduct.

    “Can you imagine how many cousins, uncles, brothers, and fathers are out there?” he asked, pointing out that he is unaware of what they look like, but they know him.

    Wyatt said that Cosby warned him “you need to be safe” because he’s heavily tied to the embattled star, telling that he “had to buy two guns” for his protection.

    “I don’t know anymore,” he stated. “It’s unfortunate I’m in this situation.”

    On top of his safety being ripped from him, the public relations professional said he’s “lost clients” because they “don’t want to be associated with Cosby.”

    As Wyatt pointed out, as soon as anyone googles his name, his photo and news of Cosby’s legal troubles pop up. “It’s scary out here now because I don’t know who is related to the accusers,” he shared.

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