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    Bill Cosby’s Wife Camille Accused of Threatening to Call Cops on Farmer as Financial Woes Mount for Couple

    The wife of disgraced comic Bill Cosby was the target of the lawsuit filed by a Massachusetts man who claimed she forced him off an organic farm he spent years to create, has exclusively learned.

    Benjamin Hay, the owner of Maple Row Farm charged Camille Cosby, 79, callously booted him from the 83-acre tract of land she owns after encouraging him to spend three years and thousands of dollars to convert 57 acres into an organic field.

    “The process of transitioning farmland to organic is complicated, time-consuming, and expensive,” Hay stated in the lawsuit filed in Franklin County Superior Court.

    After spending more than $200k prepping the soil and purchasing more than $18K in potato seed for the 2021 season, Camille, through her agent Michael Spenser, ordered Hay to vacate her property or be slammed with trespassing charges, court documents showed.

    “By letter addressed to Plaintiff dated March 22, 2021, Michael Spenser, the defendant’s agent, indicated that effective immediately, the Defendant rescinded the Plaintiff’s permission to enter and work upon the Defendant’s Maple Row Parcels and order the Plaintiff to remove all of his equipment forthwith, which letter was served on April 2, 2021 with a Trespass Notice,” the lawsuit stated.

    The ‘trespass notice’ was written on an Franklin County Sheriff Department letter head and featured Camille’s signature as the property owner.

    “The Plaintiff faces significant risk of irreparable harm if he is not allowed upon the parcels to continue farming operations, as he will lose his investment into the Certified Organic Land, as well as the conventional crops groups on the remainder of the Maple Row Parcels.

    A flummoxed Hay later learned Spenser’s nephew – who also happens to be the son of Camille’s “caregiver,” was taking over the farm – and that’s after working the soil since 2017!

    What’s more, the couple was slapped with two state tax liens for nearly $650k, plus a 2018 tab for $1.8 million.

    Cosby, who served three years in a Pennsylvania state prison for the 2004 attack on Andrea Constand before being released on appeal, also had to pay $500k to victim Judy Huth. Meanwhile, court records show he’s battling at least five sex assault claims in New York City.

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