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    Blac Chyna’s Teeth and Many Celebs Trust Dr Faraz Farahnik Here’s Why

    Dr. Faraz Farahnik is known to keep bright whites, white on hot celebs and influencers like Blac Chyna’s teeth, Le Le Pons, Burna Boy and many more.

    We got a chance to sit down with Dr. Raz, as many of his clients call him, to talk about some tips that will give you a smile confidence.

    Dr. Raz from Encino Dental Smiles got his start as a dentist at a very young age. He informed, host Siloam Lackey that he began working in a dental office at only 15 years old. From there he had a passion for helping people maintain their confidence within basic dentistry and cosmetic.

    During our Exclusive Interview, Dr. Raz explained how he has seen so many clients come into his office and walk out with impact. “It changes the lifestyle for our patients. Even for our patients that do extremely well, we constantly, constantly, hear that, Doc, ever since my smile changed so many doors opened.”

    Not only does Encino Dental Smiles give their patience smile confidence, but they also prove that there isn’t much to be afraid of. We asked Dr. Raz to debunk some of the fears people have when getting cosmetic dentistry. One of the biggest myths he explained is getting teeth shaved all the way down. Because of technology many of the old procedures are not need anymore. Additionally, he advised if your Dentist is still using older methods, you may be at the wrong one.

    As far as tips he explained, going to the Dentist every six months is important. “Dentistry is a preventative field. You cannot wait around for things to hurt. You need to be ahead of the pain.”

    Now for the parents out there ready to take their children Trick or Treating, Dr. Raz has some advice for you. “This is not a diet plan that you need to completely cut things out. Parents with young kids, I’ve seen two things that work really well. Take your kids Trick or Treating but find a way to substitute what they collect to other thing they like.” For instance, swapping candy for toys, and keeping things in moderation.

    Oh, and here’s one thing we didn’t know. Dr. Faraz Farahnik says stay away from charcoal toothpaste. He added, it is too rough on your teeth. Additionally stating, “It’s too abrasive. It’s basically sanding away your teeth.” Yikes! No wonder Blac Chyna’s teeth are so perfectly placed.

    Check out the full interview below. Visit Encino Dental Smile at 

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