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    Black People in Ukraine Held At Ukraine Borders Finally Gets Shelter

    Black people in Ukraine held at Ukraine borders finally gets shelter. Videos surfaced as Black people were held at gun point, pulled off trains, and left in freezing temperatures with infants.

    It is truly sad that black people in Ukraine are not being allowed to board the trains.  They are only allowing Ukrainians to board the trains first.

    The lady in the video is holding a 2-month-old and it’s -3°c outside. The Ukraine authorities are refusing to let them across the border into Poland based on the color of their skin.

    An African student in Ukraine trying to cross to Poland narrates how he and his friends struggled. At a point, the young man narrates how “they threatened to shoot them”

    “Journalist Stephanie Hegarty of BBC published a series of tweets explaining the ordeal of the students. She said that a Nigerian medical student told her that while she was waiting to cross the border, the Ukrainian soldiers did not allow black people to cross and sent them back. She said, “They have to let ‘Ukrainians’ through first”.

    Dr. Alakija who is also is also a Special Envoy on World Health Organization’s Access to Covid – 19 Tools, ACT, wrote in on her Twitter page,

    Dr Alakija says, “Black Africans are being treated with racism and contempt in Ukraine and Poland. The West cannot ask African nations to stand in solidarity with them if they cannot display basic respect for us even in a time of war. Ignored in a pandemic and left to die in a war?!! UNACCEPTABLE.”

    Dr. Alakija reiterated her claims in a follow up post, “I said what I said. Stop the discrimination and ensure safe passage for ALL in this senseless war  caused by Russian aggression. Africans are not the enemy. #LoveNotWar #BlackLivesMust Matter”

    Media reports indicate that there are huge queues at Ukraine’s borders with Poland, resulting in people taking up to 10 hours to finally cross over. However, it is understood that preference is being given to Caucasians.

    An African, going by the Twitter handle @nzekiev who was stranded at the Polish border with Ukraine, posted a video with the caption,

    “Watch how they are threatening to shoot us!

    “We are currently at the Ukraine -Poland border.

    Their Police and Army refused to let Africans cross they only allow Ukrainian.

    Some have slept here for 2 days under this scorching cold weather, while many have gone back to Lviv.”

    Dr. Alakija has, however since, communicated that she has received assurances from a Polish Diplomat that the Polish government is committed to ensuring that all Africans are assisted to enter the country from Ukraine.

    “Just spoke w/ Poland Ambassador who assures me that all efforts are being made to ensure Nigerians & ALL Africans are given safe passage at border as a result of Ukraine war. I will be posting details of who to contact for those stuck in Ukraine”.

    The Malawi government announced that it has managed to trace one Malawian student who is stuck in Ukraine, with Malawian embassies in Germany and Britain directed to assist her in her efforts to escape the fighting in Ukraine.

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    Video below shows Black People in Ukraine Held At Ukraine Borders Finally Gets Shelter


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